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Male Massage Ther​apist:  Newcastle-Gateshead UK

What my Clients Say:

Below are a few testimonials from people who I have massaged. They were not solicited but rather extracted from e-mails or texts sent following a massage session with me or evaluation forms during my training.

I do have the originals available but the names have been changed to ensure client confidentiality.

I thoroughly enjoyed my massage today and hopefully will be able to have them regularly.

I have gone from stiffness and aches and pains to a general feeling of relief and happiness.

Sorry if that all sounds mushy, but how else can I describe it?

Neil (Accountant, Northumberland)

 Dear David:

I've missed my massages over the summer but now we are back pre-season Im feeling the aches and pains.

Can we go for the old times both before and after home matches?

I'll let you have the fixture list.

Scott (Professional Sportsman)

Hi David,

Just a quick email to say Thank You for today's massage. I very much enjoyed it and would highly recommend you to all my friends. I now feel very relaxed and will certainly make another appointment very soon.

Kind regards,

Bob (Psychologist)

Hey David

Just wanna say thanks for a good massage, you are great with your hands!

Brad (Civil Servant, Sunderland)

A well performed massage with great communication skills: made me feel at ease throughout! 

Bob (Medic, Northumberland)

David, just a quick line to say what a great massage you gave me on Friday- the time just seemed to fly by. It was possibly the best massage I have experienced and the mix of 3 types was both interesting and enjoyable. Your manner was very friendly and very professional putting me at ease and instilling total confidence.

David (Technician-Newcastle)

A very good masseur with excellent inter-personal skills.


(Fitness instructor and Personal Trainer. Newcastle)

What I like about your massages is that you are cutting corners or watching the clock. An hour and a half is just that! So many times I have paid for the 50 minute hour!

The surroundings are just so relaxing too...

James (Cramlington)

Hi David

Just a brief note to express my thanks to you for a highly skilled massage – especially since you were working on auto-pilot - having just returned from your travels!

I enjoyed the session very much and I will contact you when my diary clears a little for second helpings!

Ian (Company Director, Durham)

Hi David

I really did enjoy the massage and I have been feeling really good following it. I had quite an early night and woke early too but again felt really good - no bad feeling.

I've also felt a sense of stillness and I feel comfortable in myself in a way that I can't say I've felt in a very long time. Definitely more balanced and in touch with my body. My body feels like an old friend I've ignored or forgotten about for a long time. I think the long term effects of my high anxiety just left me totally out of touch with my body.

I'm very pleased I got in touch and came along to see you - your professionalism and skills really helped me to feel comfortable and at ease, and the massage has had an immediate and positive effect. I'd like to continue with a series of sessions and then keep seeing you regularly if that's possible - I think it will do me a great deal of good.

Open to advice regarding the frequency of initial sessions and then regular appointments if you have any suggestions.

Thanks very much

Robert (Customer Services, Newcastle)