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Male Massage Ther​apist:  Newcastle-Gateshead UK

Why Massage?

We all live busy lives in a world where the symptoms of stress are becoming becoming increasingly common. Relaxation is often difficult, but taking time out for massage is one way that this can be achieved.

The therapeutic and healing effects of massage have been recognised since the earliest civilisations in China, India and Greece. Similarly, massage was important in the lives of the Romans who experienced massage daily in the baths or before going into battle. Most contemporary forms of massage have evolved from these early civilisations and have led to the emergence of Eastern and Western styles.

The human touch is very powerful and when harnessed in the correct way through professional massage can have a profound impact upon the human body.

The Bene​fits of Massage:  

Apart from relaxation, massage has many other recognisable benefits.


* Improves circulation and therefore encourages healing.

* Aids the elimination of toxins and waste products.

* Relieves muscular tension and fatigue.

* Helps relieve mental fatigue promoting clear thinking

   and improving concentration.

* promotes healthy skin and hair growth